The “luxury” of Time.


Transitioning into minimalism from consumerism is like parachuting lazily down from a cliff towards the tree tops of a rainforest aiming for a small but available clearing. Only to then reach the trees and fall haphazardly while your shoe laces, parachute, limbs and belt loops alternately hooked and unhooked on the trillions of branches in a cartoon like fashion. Eventually landing on the forest floor simply happy to be there instead of still hanging from your backpack noose. Yea, pretty much like that.

Now don’t get me wrong the philosophy I can truly get behind; truly. But it’s hard to break the cycle set so deep in the recess of many of our brains.  I am comforted though by others struggling to break free of the tree limbs meant to ensnare the American public.

Taking minimalism on fully this year isn’t the only thing on the horizon. We’re combining starting a real business, starting an online business, getting out of our lease in raleigh, and moving to a small town where my boyfriend grew up, AND getting a tiny house shell to then finish ourselves. All the life changes are a little nerve racking but taking the step to minimalism isn’t just a goal on the already long and arduous to do list. It’s the reason we can fathom accomplishing all we want to this year.

The freedom of not being owned by my objects is something I desperately can’t wait to feel. Being able to choose how and when money and time get spent on the priorities of our ever changing lives, having the luxury of time to make good decisions, focus on my health, my body, and my growth, Separate from the speed and manner at which those things are dictated to me.

That brings me to this entry’s title. You may notice luxury is in quotes. That is what were sold via advertising. We’ve been consistently sold the idea that a persons time is a manipulatable commodity since day one of advertising. Everything is related to time. “ Hey you, buy this watch phone thing for 400 bucks so you can better manage your time, you can talk to your wrist! It’s great for people on the go.” People going off the end that is.

That concept of selling a product to increase a consumers time was perhaps the most ingenious and massively culturally destructive concept to ever come out of advertising. Products sold that allow you to increase quality time, change how you spend your time, reduce your time spend doing X, making time for yourself, making time for others, spend time with your kids,…(trails off in an endless trance of examples)

I’m a victim of this time prison. Everyone is. The American economy as a whole is set up to wholeheartedly believe and endorse this concept. It is this aspect of minimalism that I found to be most revolutionary. Your time is your time. In fact is your willing to get a little phylosophical for a second. Time  with a capital T is in no ones control. The minutes the hours the seconds were invented to simply keep track of things, estimate ages, and be more organized. YOUR time with a lower case “t” is the particular set of hours and minutes and seconds that you were automatically awarded with upon being born. You get less than 100 years to do with what you will. Your time is not a luxury, you’re here you were given it. It is yours and your right to spend how you choose.

This rant is not promoting anything of the likes of blaze, laziness, “Oh its your time just dick around its cool, “ No. Heres the set up, A) You spend your 100 years doing what your told by society and culture and adverising and live a life created by things and only influenced by you. OR B) you take back your time, say fuck the things, and kick ass for 100 years by working hard and getting things done your way and live a life CREATED by you and influenced by things,

My time should be a basic human right. I can get more done in 8 hours for 0$ that does more fucking good in the world than in the same 8 hours being dictated to constantly and being trained like a lab rat to perform tasks for $100 bucks for no logical reason. So next time you’re, “on-the-go” as we’re all told to be at lest 70 times of day, or your obviously doing it wrong. Think about where your time would be better spent. With your family? Traveling, Focusing on your craft? Writing? Training Dogs?

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